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Fine Jean Prouve Standard Chair - Work of Natural Art

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designer :: Prouve, Jean

vintage item::

A fabulous, unusual Jean Prouve standard chair. The chair is absolutely a work of art that looks as if it has been toiled over by an artist's hands. However, it is Mother Nature who created this beautiful piece of rough hewn art. The entire chair was once painted entirely green, however, due to its exposure to the elements, its real colors are revealed; black metal structure and oak wood. This is a great piece to show in any room in your home.

height ::
31.5 in
(80.0 cm)
width ::
15 in
(38.1 cm)
depth ::
18.25 in
(46.4 cm)
condition ::
wooden seat and back weathered
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Out of Stock
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about the designer :: Prouve, Jean

Jean Prouve was the son of the famous French (Nancy) artisan, Victor Prouve. After apprenticing as a blacksmith and a metalsmith, he opened his own workshop in 1923 and eventually, the Ateliers Jean Prouve in 1931. He completely embraced new manufacturing technology and industrial processes in combining industrial materials, sheet metal, aluminum and glass with wood to create furniture and architecture.