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1950s Vintage Swiss Studio Pottery Abstract Vase

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designer :: Meister

vintage item::

A vintage, 1950s Swiss studio pottery vase. It has a biomorphic form and abstract glaze painting which could be interpreted as a bird of sorts. It is from the Meister studio that was located in Dubendorf, near Zürich Switzerland. Meister was known for his extraordinary glazes and unusual forms. This is pure 50s pottery design at its most expressive and whimsical.

height ::
8 in
(20.3 cm)
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very good condition
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Out of Stock
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about the designer :: Meister

The Meister pottery atelier is one of the most prolific pottery ateliers in Switzerland. Examples of the creations span from the art nouveau period to the art deco period to the fine examples of the mid-century modern pottery era. The commonality of their work is the intense harmonious relationship between the forms and the glaze techniques. The atelier fearlessly experimented with new forms and incorporated ethnic, Asian and traditional Swiss glaze tradition in creating their distinctly modern pieces.